NDB Volta
High Power
NDB Volta
High Power

Compact, Portable, and Modular

A modular smart fission microreactor that converts fission heat into electricity with a solid-state compact and power-dense core.

High power range

A modular design with power output from kWe to above MWe to serve residentials, industries, and remote locations.

Advance structure

A fissionable heat source in an advanced core matrix and passive core cooling system without pumps and valves.

Portable and powerful

Components are built and assembled in the factory, ready for customer use.

Economical and Eco-friendly

Operates for a minimum of 10 years without the need or refueling while recycling nuclear waste.

Robotic control systems

Smart and safe operation using AI/ML control algorithms. Voltasys utilizes in-core and out-core self-powered sensors to predict and diagnose.

Green Hydrogen Storage

The production of green hydrogen would be the primary storage option for the Volta. NDB plans to include other storage options.

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