Why Working at NDB is the occasion that you can’t miss.
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Bring your passion, your talent and drive innovation across the globe.

We think that working at NDB will be one of the highlights of your life, something to be proud to share.

NDB offers career opportunities as it favors skill development in the energy sector. We encourage and reward effort and commitment as it benefits the entire team and the future of the company.

Talent is the key, and this is what we are recruiting. Embrace the unique and immersive culture inside our company and carry our values.

Thanks to the diversity and hard work, we can achieve exceptional productivity, quality, creativity, and innovation for the company, and its partners.



Take part in building the future: We will be proud of and work closely with engineers, lawyers, marketers, designers, developers to realize and deploy massive projects that affect our daily lives and the future.



We work hard, dream big, and come from all corners of the world. Join our international team, 30 nationalities from 5 continents, 15 languages spoken, and even more.



NDB produces energy solutions that will revolutionize the world! Be part of that change.

Join our dynamic team


Research & Development

Are you an Engineer and interested in improving your skills and abilities? Our R&D Team is composed of experts in the fields of Nuclear Engineering, Materials Science, Product Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics. Our R&D team covers both hardware and software engineers.

Join us

Research & Development


Business Development

Human Resources


Marketing & Communications

Finance & Accounting

Spontaneous Applications


Are you a university student or trying to start your career? NDB is always looking for talented personalities. Find new opportunities and challenge yourself with NDB. We will guide you through it all.

Explore different career paths

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Gain work experience

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Make connections that will help you launch your career

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Make connections

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“Opening doors (to success)”

“Sail the wave of success with NDB”

Enhance your skills and academic knowledge.


“Sharpen your skills”

“Your ideas matter”

Get involved in various NDB projects since day one.


“Our strength lies in our differences”

We are working alongside a diverse group of people to revolutionize the technology industry.

Create strong connections

With NDB, you will not only sharpen your hard skills but your soft skills as well. NDB cares about the harmony between the different teams and organizes events to create closer links between its employees.

Our intern stories

team member

SM 127

Saoirse McConnell

Material Scientist

My experience at NDB was very good. I got to put my scientific knowledge to use and learn a whole new technology as in depth as it gets.

I was also pushed to develop soft skills by my superiors being flexible in the tasks that I was assigned, and responding to my ideas and requests, I appreciate that greatly.

I was trusted with tasks other than research, like giving presentations, and joining in with many exterior business meetings. NDB gives very interesting set of knowledge, and skills for a young scientist as it is working on revolutionary technology.

Confidence is number one. I was lucky enough to be trusted with high importance tasks which allowed for a fast development of responsibility and self worth. I really enjoyed this and will remember it fondly..

team member

AT 49

Abdullah Tahir

Software Engineer

The experience was good as I was able to meet a lot of people from different nationalities. I made quite a few new friends and learned from each of them.

The given position match my expectations well as I was able to work on machine learning-related tasks that I always wanted to learn from.

It helped me strengthen my resume as I looked for jobs moving forward.

I got better at managing my time and working as part of a team. Some of the game nights we had were quite fun.

team member

SB 81

Sonia Barbieri

Executive Assistant

I am deeply grateful to NDB for the opportunity it has given to me to grow professionally as an Executive Assistant and to meet interesting and friendly people from all over the world!

I have had the possibility to collaborate on numerous stimulating projects and to learn something from each of them. I have also had the opportunity to learn about my colleagues' fields of work and my own.

I was free to express my opinion and point of view and I was encouraged to do so.

I often, not always, lost at the Friday group game, but participating with the rest of the team and learning about each other’s cultures was so much fun!

team member

ST 126

Simay Tekin

PR Assistant

Working as a PR intern allowed me to learn more every day by researching and reading at a dynamic business like NDB.

I was an intern and an equal team member, which encouraged me to run my daily tasks independently.

NDB has a friendly work environment. What is unique about NDB is the well-experienced multicultural team. Everyone has a different background, and I am so glad to know so many different cultures.

team member

NB 140

Noura Bentahar

PR Assistant

I had the pleasure of working at NDB's Marketing division, and honestly, it was a wonderful and positive experience.

Working at NDB broadened my horizons: The team entrusted me with some significant projects that I had the privilege to work on. They were always available to provide assistance and resources whenever needed.

Additionally, a positive work environment and how easy it is to talk and communicate with everyone else made everything else much more accessible.

Moreover, this internship left me with valuable knowledge that I will carry with me throughout my studies.

As a result of the diverse projects that I got to work on and the competent and experienced professionals, I got to work with from many different fields adding to my knowledge and network.

This experience left me with outstanding achievements that will benefit my career and that I am very grateful for.

team member

Ih 123

Ikram Harkati

Digital Marketing Specialist

I had the pleasure of working closely with different departments for various projects, which made me acquire new soft skills and discover new work ethics.

I believe in the diversified and professional culture of NDB, which is a great strength.

I'm deeply grateful to NDB for helping me to improve my spontaneity by providing the opportunity the be creative and the freedom to state my ideas.

team member

Cf 148

Chiara Foglia

Product Compliance

Working at NDB allowed me to push past my limits and allowed me to improve my professional skills.

Teamwork and cooperation are essential in NDB, and I had the chance to learn from experienced and international co-workers.

My colleagues never addressed me with complex tasks by myself. Everyone is always ready to assist by providing the necessary tools and guidance.

At NDB, personal suggestions and ideas are more than welcome. It is surprising to be listened to and considered.

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