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@ndbtechnology: #Nuclear power reactors do not produce direct carbon dioxide emissions. Unlike #fossil fuel-fired power plants, nuclear #reactors do not produce air pollution or #carbondioxide while operating.

The self-charging green Nano Diamond Battery

that changes the world

⌇ Not running out during application lifetime

⌇ High power density

⌇ Tiny, modular and device agnostic

⌇ Cost-effective and scalable

⌇ Utilizes existing waste products

To reinvent electricity & create a planet without fossil fuels by 2040

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NDB to power

Space solutions

14.29 times

more efficient

than RTGs

A smartphone

that you never charge.

⌇  Uninterrupted device usage

⌇  Higher computational power

⌇  Possibility of new generation of quantum smartphones


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Electric Vehicles

No recharging or refueling stations required.

⌇  Uninterrupted drive mode

⌇  Sustainable energy

⌇  Higher mileage


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Kitchen, living room & beyond

A miniature power generator for every device.

⌇  Cost-effective to counter declining sales

⌇  Power outlet independent devices

⌇  Higher device computation power

⌇  No power heating issue

⌇  Personal quantum computers


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Electricity for Everyone & Everywhere


We want schools, hospitals & homes powered by NDB mini generators.


Envisioning a world where remote and disadvantaged populations can easily access electricity