Sustainability Strategy

At NDB, we attempt to create a sustainable business where innovation and the environment would coexist.

Our goal is to contribute to sustainable development, encourage environmentally responsible behavior and protect the ecosystem by delivering innovative, sustainable, safe, and environmentally-friendly solutions.

We endeavor to create social, environmental, economic values, implement a sustainable supply chain within our partners/suppliers, and effectively contribute to a global society.

To power a sustainable future

To create reliable alternative energy sources

To provide cost-effectiveness and accessibility

To repurpose hazardous waste for a cleaner alternative

To achieve our vision, we have established a sustainable strategy to preemptively respond to associated issues, foster growing confidence in our operations, and enhance our global competitiveness.

As part of our sustainable strategy, NDB will align with the United Nations' sustainable development goals to resolve critical issues, including poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring prosperity.

Considering our operations' direct and indirect impacts, we focus on the goals most relevant to our organization. We will engage in a variety of sustainability activities and responsible production practices.

NDB promotes eco-friendly energy to build sustainable cities and ecosystems and combat climate change cost-effective and universally accessible.

It manages effects on sustainable development by enhancing the innovative partnership with various stakeholders.

The company strictly prohibits discrimination, respects employees' diversity, and fights against inequality through the protection of human rights.

Our goal is to broaden the scope of sustainable development activities with an active mindset and explore business opportunities to reach the UN goals.

Sustainability framework pillars

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We strongly believe in the link between sustainability and the financial performance of our company. We aim to bring value to society while balancing sustainability governance with fund performance metrics and financial goals. As such, we need to consider issues that go beyond traditional concepts of financial risk.

NDB will build trust and deliver more robust financial performance over the long term by implementing sustainable strategies that proactively manage these risks and promotes transparent practices.

Robust internal and external accountability will contribute to our financial performance, track sustainability contributions, and strengthen our market position. Our innovative solutions will promote sustainable economic growth by generating profits and shareholder values.

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NDB respects human rights and the diversity of its employees and all stakeholders and will ensure that its management activities align with our code of conduct, business ethics, and human rights policies. To fulfill its responsibilities and uphold the protection of human rights, NDB will implement these policies to all global sites where NDB performs its business activities.

NDB ensures that all employees are given equal opportunities for employment, promotion, remuneration, and training, regardless of their gender, age, race, religion, disability, marital status, pregnancy, labor union activities, and social status. Most importantly, NDB’s strength lies in diversity, which is a source of power and helps the company having different perspectives.

Furthermore, Sustainable Procurement plays a key role in the development of our operations, as can be seen in our Responsible Sourcing and Responsible Supply-chain policies. We maintain the highest standards in our relationships with our suppliers, in terms of quality policy and purchasing strategy. We take into account the specific risks that are currently linked to certain materials, in line with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance.

The company’s activities are transparent in material handling, safety and radiation protection. We collaborate with suppliers that adhere to sustainable practices and we will foster trust in our suppliers by providing transparent transaction procedures. We believe that through sustainable procurement, we can motivate other suppliers to improve the environmental and social impact in their own production process and, therefore, actively contribute to sustainable development.

Lastly, as part of monitoring and enhancing our sustainability performance, a Sustainability Committee will be established, which will be supervised by the CEO. It will be the highest sustainability decision making body within the organization, that audits and evaluates the current status of sustainable management.

The Committee will be responsible for improving the integration of sustainability measures across the company and will provide guidance and supervision for the fulfilment of its sustainability obligations related to the economy, environment, society and future plans.

It will provide reports, recommendations, and will establish policies about sustainability matters in a transparent manner that fits our governance structure and supports our vision. The Committee will resolve any primary sustainability issues and aim to mitigate any risks that can occur as part of its business activities. It will also engage in discussions through, for example, meetings, and workshops about introducing new measures or improving existing ones in order to ensure its sustainability goals. It is our mission to make continuous improvements to our sustainability strategy, meet our goals and bring value to the environment, economy, and society

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