Human Rights

Respect for human rights is one of our priorities, ensuring that people are respected in all our business activities.

We align with and respect human rights and follow the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Guiding Principles, the International Bill of Human Rights, the OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises, and the International Labor Organization Declaration.


Additionally, we strive to ensure that our business activities do not negatively impact human rights. We carry out periodic monitoring actions to guarantee that the NDB guidelines are being followed.

Before undertaking or starting a new business activity, we identify and assess the potential impacts on human rights to diagnose any possible economic, technical, social, ethical, and environmental risks, followed by drawing up improvements under the highest standards of integrity and compliance with the applicable laws.


If a supplier or contractor fails to comply with our principles, they will not be authorized to participate in our business activities.

The domains of the risk assessment indicators include the human rights management system, respecting dignity, prohibition of all forms of modern slavery, freedom of association, and collective bargaining.

Any practices that threaten human rights are excluded from our business and supply chain. Likewise, we have channels for reporting incidents such as communication processes, inquiries, complaints, and reparations available to the people affected by our activities in the appropriate languages.

Being trained plays a crucial role in respect for human rights. Training our employees is a way to avoid and prevent arbitrary or discriminatory behavior that results in physical or moral violence against people.

We train by teaching the constitutional principles that support the rule of law, the importance of each individual complying with their responsibilities, & regulations on different aspects of society.

NDB has a substantial influence on promoting good practices following all the necessary steps mentioned in our CODE of Conduct and Business Ethics.


NDB respects the diversity of our employees and fights against inequality through the protection of human rights.

We promote an internal culture of respect for human rights. We also foster a continuous dialogue that creates an environment of trust so that individuals can express themselves.

We establish solid and long-lasting relationships with communities based on trust, mutual respect, and shared values.

We implement our environmental, social, security, and health guidelines alongside our partners in different countries.

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