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Dr. Milad Golsharifi
Chief Medical Officer
+1 650 2520 002 Ext. 102
Milad graduated from King’s College London with an MBBS degree in medicine and surgery. Having previously completed his master’s degree in developmental biology at Imperial College London. Additionally, Dr Milad Golsharifi at UCL’s Institute of Child Health has been involved in the intersection of popular health topics and professional research, enabling him with a niche and critical viewpoint on a vast array of scientific topics and latest developments in the bench to bedside translational medicine. In addition to his clinical work, he is heavily involved in the teaching of medical students and organizing conferences aimed at aspiring student bodies. His research is focused on understanding the mechanisms of developmental disorders and investigating therapeutic interventions which can help improve outcomes. Throughout his career, he’s been responsible for devising, executing and managing various projects spanning from the medical to the technological fields as well as online media outlets.
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