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Dr. Mariela Bravo-Sanchez
Spectroscopy Specialist
Mariela graduated from University of San Luis Potosí in 2003 as Electronic Engineer with a specialization in telecommunications. In August 2004, she joined the IICO-UASLP Master's program with a specialty in optoelectronic devices and atomic force microscopy. Mariela obtained her title of PhD, in 2008 working on nano-carbon structures, in addition to the growth of semiconductors in a high vacuum system molecular beam epitaxy. 2009 she began a three-year postdoctoral stay at CINVESTAV-Queretaro where she became one of the leading experts in x-ray electron spectroscopy system (XPS). A new opportunity was opened in with the support of National Council for Science and Technology in Mexico for second postdoctoral stay in United Kingdom focusing on XPS, biomaterials and polymers. Following that she became an academic technician at the IPICYT, where through the National Laboratory LINAN she did provide specialized services including characterization of materials by XPS and other spectroscopy systems, both to the academy and the industrial sector including Universities of Sheffield, Newcastle Upon Tyne, University College London in United Kingdom, CINVESTAV-Querétaro, UASLP, University of Guanajuato, University of Coahuila and UNAM in Mexico.
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