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Organizational structure

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Organizational Structure

Centralized management of the global energy solutions business

NDB, Inc. has an organizational structure that is expertly geared towards continuous business growth and prosperity with particular emphasis on communication.


Therefore this allows NDB to work cohesively with different parts of the organization whilst maintaining managerial control over its ever-growing international operations.

Characteristics and features of NDB INC's organizational structure is presented in this image

Finally, through this strategy, NDB is able to address many of the challenges that are often associated with the complexity of fast-growing organizations.

Defining characteristics


(1) Function-based hierarchy

(2) Centralization

(3) Divisions

NDB, Inc. follows a unitary form (U-form) company structure where the business strategy and decision making is carried out by the corporate department. Therefore by doing so NDB, Inc. is able to deliver a unified and coordinated business operation, which allows NDB, Inc. to be able to offer a focused and higher quality service.

Function-Based Hierarchy

(1) Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

(2) Finance

(3) Technology

(4) Global Sales and Service

(5) Engineering

(6) Legal

The global operation of NDB, Inc. is based on a function based hierarchy. As a result, it is a type of operation where the functional teams or offices oversees the domestic and international operation flexible. Consequently, this type of corporate structure is common in a company that aims to maintain strict managerial control of their operations. Finally, NDB, Inc.’s global hierarchy is as follows:


NDB, Inc. uses centralization in its corporate structure. Furthermore, the emphasis of centralization is managerial control on the entire organization through decisions that a central group or team generates. In this case, the heads of the offices of the global hierarchy form the corporation’s central headquarters, which directly control all operations. Above all, the company’s headquarters make most of the decisions for overseas operations.


(1) the United States
(2) the United Kingdom

Divisions are used to implement different strategies and marketing campaigns and to organize financial records and reports. The divisions are less significant compared to the function-based hierarchy of the organization. Also, NDB, Inc.’s organizational structure has the following geographical divisions mainly used for financial reporting:

Presence in the Europan Union through NDB Europe


NDB will work closely with NDB Europe within the European Union. As a result, NDB employees outside the USA would be the staff of NDB Europe.


This would entail that the NDB will be able to expand outside the USA. Hence NDB Europe will act as an appropriate and logical extension of NDB’s current organization and mission.


The subsidiary structure clearly assumes the NDB will continue to champion. Furthermore, NDB formalizes its position as a champion of Nuclear Diamond Battery technology in the EU.


Above all, a key benefit to this structure is that it could provide the human resources to expedite the implementation phase by having access to the talent pool in the EU.

Organizational Structure Chart