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Key Innovations

New Battery Technology Uses Ionizing Energetic Electrons

NDB is a cutting edge new battery technology that operates by orchestrating the latest and greatest technologies. Pioneering a way for high power applications of betavoltaics.

Integrated nanostructure


One of the key innovations that make NDB unique is the integrated nanostructure. NDB has found a proprietary way of increasing the power and efficiency of the device through this technology.


What this means is that NDB could power high-power devices that betavoltaics could not do so previously. That’s not all; the technology is scalable so it could be as big and powerful as one needs.


This was made possible by using the latest nanotechnological techniques such as CVD and sputtering. Most importantly, this nanostructure can deliver a lifelong new battery technology since it is solid-state and can withstand the test of time.

Diamond energetic electron shield


One essential part of the NDB is the diamond energetic electron shield that protects the user from the energetic electrons that power the device. NDB’s solution is to have a two-step protection layer that contains all forms of energetic electrons released from the NDB.


The thickness of this energetic electron shield will also be substantially thicker than the required amount for added safety. Additionally, the diamond energetic electron shield has two other purposes.


One is making the device tamperproof and robust since NDB uses the same material as oil excavation drill bits that are extremely tough to the point they are used to destroy rocks.


Another is the added thermal safety by using the diamond energetic electron shield as a heatsink. Since diamond has the highest thermal conductivity out of all existing materials, it can wick away heat, making the device thermally stable.

Cobaltless design


One of the reasons why NDB is a new battery technology of the future is in the fact that it takes into account the shortfall of the Li-ion battery.


Li-ion battery technology heavily intertwines itself with the element cobalt, the base material of its electrode. The problem lies not only in the demand and supply but also its source.


With the global efforts of going green. Automotive companies are strongly encouraged to develop electric vehicles that currently use Li-ion batteries. This means that the demand for Li-ion batteries; hence cobalt will go up sharply.


The problem here is that cobalt has a limited global supply creating a bottleneck for Li-ion battery production. A greater problem at hand, however, is in its origin. Almost half of the global cobalt reserve is in Congo and cobalt is already considered to be a conflict mineral by many. Unlike Li-ion, NDB does not use cobalt. NDB will neither will have restricted supply nor would it use conflict mineral.



One innovation that sets NDB apart is its purity. By purifying the carbon-14, NDB can deliver higher power that betavoltaics could not previously do. CDPME1 is a proprietary purification system that converts nuclear graphite into a convenient form of carbon-14 for NDB fabrication.


Purifying the carbon-14 to near 100% pure. One part of the system is, in fact, is the same technology as those used in the International Space Station.