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Nano Diamond Battery Technology

NDB, Inc. the most noteworthy silicon valley cleantech venture that was established for the development and manufacturing of Nano Diamond Battery (NDB).


A battery that is made by recycling carbon-14 waste and has a tremendously long life (almost several thousand years).


Above all a perpetual and green battery solution that consequently could benefit a wide range of applications such as Space ElectronicsMedical, Internet of Things (IoT), Nuclear Plant, Automotive, Aviation, Consumer electronics and many more.


Furthermore, NDB, Inc. sees this technology as a means of creating a cleaner and greener future where above all innovation and environment could coexist.

2170 Battery which is an Atomic Battery, other form factors of Nuclear Diamond Battery meets standards such as AA, AAA, LR44 & 18650.

So why is NDB useful? If we were to say to you ‘Here is a battery that in contrast doesn’t run out of charge. Well, maybe it will, but in thousands of years so not in our lifetime.


Would you like one?’ We think most people will reply yes.


Probably most of us have fallen victim to batteries running out when we need them. As a result, causing inconvenience and in the case of medical implants, it could even endanger someone’s life.


So, what exactly is NDB and how does it work? In a nutshell, nano diamond battery is made from recycled carbon-14. Furthermore, it has an incredibly long life (~28,000 years) that will keep generating electricity using the energetic electrons from recycled carbon-14. Hence, first of all, it is green because it is recycling carbon-14 waste.


secondly, it is a long-lasting source of electricity due to carbon-14 waste’s long life. Therefore there will be a continuous supply of energetic electrons that generates electricity. With regards to how, the energetic electron undergoes interaction with diamond, a semiconductor generating electricity. Similar to how a solar-panel does with light.


However, unlike solar-panels NDB is weather independent. Additionally, NDB has an in-built high-performance supercapacitor charge bank that stores the charge generated. Furthermore and has a diamond shield that makes NDB safe and tamper-proof.

Our Responsibility

NDB, Inc. is committed to the development and manufacturing of the Nano Diamond Battery (NDB) such that we promote a clean and green energy solution for the future.

Our Vision

NDB, Inc. believes in the coexistence of innovation and environment. We believe it is our responsibility that innovations that make the lives of many better should also be one that is friendly to the environment.

Our Performance

NDB, Inc. has a vast team of experts both in business and science to deliver the much-needed green energy solution. Allowing NDB, Inc. to be part of the extremely large global battery market.

Our Values

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What NDB, Inc. certainly prides the most is the belief which it was founded under. Founding members of the company believe that the world does not just belong to those who live in the present but likewise for the future.


Green energy innovations that almost set sail into the uncharted water of science should, therefore, be ecologically friendly and sustainable. Hence, we could pass on the world to the next generations to come. Above all NDB, Inc. will spare no effort to achieve this.


The company has mastered the very best talents from all corners of the map. Almost many of whom have a doctorate from the top 10 universities in the world including HarvardCambridge, UCL, LSE, and Stanford or of equal prestige in experience.


Consequently, NDB, Inc. is blessed in that it has a rich tapestry of staff, both in diversity and expertise. Furthermore, the business team has extensive experience in operating multinational corporations from various disciplines. Finally, the science team has multiple experienced and leading nanotechnologists of the necessary fields.