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NDB as the winner of Orano Call has started a collaboration with the world's largest nuclear power and renewable energy company. Following this announcement NDB Inc. and Orano’s collaboration has started and both companies will discuss and structure the business collaboration.


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Nano Diamond Battery is a green battery made from recycled carbon-14 waste using nanotechnology that does not run out in a single user’s lifetime and it even breaks down into harmless by-products.


In just 1 hour, a 100% efficient NDB AA will be:

– Able to produce 3.48 times more charge than a typical AA battery

– 53.4% smaller compared to a typical AA battery

– Almost identical weight to current AA batteries.


Modular design

The principle design of the NDB contains the 3D printed MOF/ACNO-graphene supercapacitor power bank and the diamond betavoltaic.



NDB will be using MOF/ACNO-graphene supercapacitors which has a substantially longer device life and charge speed than traditional Li-ion batteries.


Nano Diamond Layers

The Nano diamond has been given novel integrated nano-structure that enhances the performance of the diamond as well as implement an additional function to the device.