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NDB Military Battery, The Battery For Those Who Serve And Protect


Portable electronics


Weapons safety & feedback system


Intelligence devices


Security (motion sensors)




Life-support (bio-sensors, bio-scanners/probes, and lab-on-a-chip)

Throughout history, the military has been known to be the frontrunner of the latest and greatest technologies. As a result of making use of the vast funds and excellent personnel working towards them.


For this reason, many of the technologies developed and their benefits have diffused into the lives of the general public. Now, in the modern era. However, a greater number of civilian technologies are making their way into the military.


In fact, NDB will fall into this category where the military will likely benefit from the advantages that it brings as a military battery.

For example, NDB is an energy source that is independent of external power sources. Therefore, the military will no longer need to rely on securing an electricity supply line for many of their applications. Thus will be less inconvenienced when they are cut-off by hostile forces during operation.


In addition, many front-line troops are now equipped with electronic devices. Including those for communication, life support, intelligence display and many others.


Since, NDB will be able to supply electricity to these devices perpetually. Thus the troops could operate outside of the battery charge lifetime. As a result extending the operation time to even at night when portable solar panels do not work.

Portable electronics


Because modern soldiers are often equipped with multiple electronics devices that help them carry out their mission. Therefore NDB serving as the military battery will be able to power the said devices by providing a weather independent source of mobile energy.

Weapons safety and condition feedback system


Since the armed services are entrusted with the possession of weapons. As a result they have the responsibility to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of various weapons. Therefore keeping them safe when not in use.


Here, one of the useful tools to achieve this is sensors that give feedback to identify any irregularities and faults. For example, any electrical faults in a missile or vehicle such as a helicopter and fighter aircraft. As a result, these faults could be identified by the sensor. Thus, an alert notification could be sent automatically to the maintenance crew.


Since NDB as the military battery is an internal source of electricity the NDB could power these sensors. Thus making these sensors a standalone unit. Since it does not need to draw power from the very system it is monitoring. Therefore, if anything happens to the electrical system it still retains the power to send out an alert.

Intelligence devices


A Point often overlooked is that a large part of the military operation is based on intelligence and information gathering. Especially in this digital age where much of intelligence gathering occurs in the virtual world.


Moreover, NDB is particularly well suited to this shift towards IT-based intelligence. Since it could power many of the electronic devices that are required. Additionally, NDB could also power more traditional devices such as a microphone or a micro-camera.


Again, like other uses in the military, the advantage of using an NDB as the military battery for these applications is in the fact that it could be a standalone unit. Thus a device that does not need a wired power source. For this reason it is a particularly attractive feature in intelligence gathering. Since patience is imperative and a long-lasting device that can operate without running out of charge is required.



Since one of the major roles of the armed forces is peacekeeping. Such as those carried by the UN in volatile regions. For this reason, security is a large part of its operations.


For example, conventional means of security. Such as CCTV and motion sensors can be powered by NDB. Including more recent innovations like aerial drones with cameras to patrol the local area.



Communication has been considered one of the most important aspects of defense since the beginning of time and remains so today. Since NDB is able to power communication tools as well as standalone relay points for times when troops operate in less developed areas. For this reason NDB can power communication in  places electricity may be difficult to source.



As mentioned earlier, modern soldiers often carry electronics to support their mission. For example, the latest trend that evolved from this is bio-monitoring using sensors. Such as those that measure heart rate, blood pressure and other vital signs.


Furthermore, an interesting innovation that is appearing on the horizon is the use of bio-scanners. Such as the ultrasound diagnostic kit to identify sub-dermal damages. For example, broken bones and bullet fragments.


In fact, the scan could even be shown on a smartphone like portable electronics that they carry. Additionally, this technology is complementary to another innovation known as a lab-on-a-chip. Therefore, if a patient (solider) drips a drop of blood on a USB key-like device. Since the device runs a blood-based diagnostics, it can identify the cause of health issues on site.


Not only the above-described life-support suite could be powered by the NDB but also since NDB is perpetual, weather independent and portable. Because of this, it allows the troops to resolve medical needs swiftly.