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Not just a drone battery, The Battery Where The Sky Is The Limit




Black Box


Electric aircraft




Cockpit (such as console control, communication, autopilot, etc.)

Although, it is often overshadowed by the colossal power of the internet. However, aviation is equally to be praised for modern globalization.


Since its ability to transport passengers and goods to almost anywhere around the globe has allowed commerce and business to flow from one corner of the map to the other.


For example, companies such as Amazon, DHL, FedEx. As well as all commercial airlines have benefited greatly from this.

Accordingly, the aviation market is vast. Since much of the technological advancements owes itself to the digital revolution. Thus a field that NDB is complementary to.


Therefore NDB has a great deal of application within the industry. For example, NDB could be used for the securing of essential power to areas such as the cockpit to improve airline safety.


Similarly, the powering of the black box to aid for a greater salvage time. Specifically, this is a particularly needed feature in light of recent unfortunate events of missing airplanes.


Since one of the points highlighted was the limitation in the battery charge of the black box. Thus restricting the search time since the location signal will diminish once the battery charge runs out.


Therefore NDB will be able to increase the battery life of the black box allowing the search party a greater chance of salvage.

Drone battery


Consequently, drone technology is now perhaps one of the most versatile sectors of aviation. Since it has application in commercial, research, military, hobby and many more.


For example, Amazon is planning to use drones as a method of delivering packages to consumers. In contrast, researchers are using drones as an aerial survey tool.


Furthermore, it could even be used in disaster relief to identify survivors in dangerous areas that are difficult to access.


Moreover, it is used in the field of aviation as well. Specifically, as an inspection tool for aircraft.


At the present time, one of the limitations that drones have is drone battery life. Particularly for smaller drones, the user is required to change the battery often. Since it runs out of charge frequently.

However, NDB is a portable, standalone and perpetual drone battery solution. Therefore it is very well suited for this application and is expected to bring benefit to future drone battery and drone technology.

Black Box


It is incredibly unfortunate that the news of missing aircraft has repeatedly hit headlines in recent years.


Significantly, in such events, a rescue team is sent out in a bid to rescue the survivors. Accordingly, the search for the black box (which is orange for sub-water visibility reason) is carried out to identify what has happened to the aircraft.


Consequently, one of the key challenges faced by the salvage crew is the limited battery life of the black box. Since the black box sends out a signal periodically to broadcast its location. Therefore the rescue team uses that as a location beacon.


However, the availability of the signal is based on the battery that powers it. Thus NDB will be able to provide electricity perpetually allowing the salvage crew greater time to identify its location. As a result, mitigating the limitation faced by current technologies.

Electric Aircraft


Although highly experimental, electric aircraft are being developed by various research groups around the world.


For example in 2016, Solar Impulse 2 a solar-powered aircraft has successfully circumnavigated the world for the first time.


Since NDB is a weather independent power source. In other words, a power source that does not need the sun. Therefore it will likely bring benefits to this new field as an alternative to solar panels. Since before the pilot was restricted to flight path with enough sunlight to power the plane. However, since NDB does not need sunlight. As a result of this, the pilot now does not need to take into account the luminosity of the flight path.



By a similar token to the powering of the cockpit, the cabin area could also be powered by NDB.



Since the cockpit of an aircraft is densely packed with technologies that are essential to flight. For example, the control console, communication, autopilot, etc.. Significantly, they are all powered by electricity.


Considering passenger safety, it is crucial that the cockpit has a secure source of electricity that does not run out.


Therefore, NDB will be able to provide this through its perpetual and standalone feature.