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Leadership Team

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Leadership team

Expert diamond nanotechnology members

Executive Team

First of all, NDB has attracted a seasoned, entrepreneurial executive team with almost extensive experience in business management, finance and banking, sciences, diamond nanotechnology, medical and the energy industry. Most noteworthy, individual team members have established track records in their respective nanotechnology and business fields who therefore are able to lead the NDB.

Technical Team

Another key asset of NDB is the technical excellence of its superb leading and world-class technical team. Above all with expertise in diamond nanotechnology and therefore abilities to deliver a safe product.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is composed of individuals who have leadership experience and expertise. As a result, they are certainly able to develop, monitor and direct the implementation of strategic business plans and policies

Advisory Board

Meet our advisory board which is composed of world-leading experts in diamond nanotechnology, engineering, silicon industry, material sciences, medical sciences, security or industries that nuclear diamond battery (NDB) applications fall under.