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Need for NDB

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Need for NDB

NDB, paradigm-shifting clean energy solution of the future.

So why do we need NDB instead of traditional batteries?


Put it this way. If someone was to say to you ‘This battery doesn’t run out, it will in thousands of years but not in your lifetime.


Do you want one?’ We think the majority of people will say yes.

Life is too short and most people will very much like to get on with their life rather than look for charge points or a new battery. A common cry heard from many when their phones run out of charge.


In addition to this since NDB is made from recycled nuclear waste, it will reduce the global nuclear waste stockpile. Allowing us to pass on the planet in better shape by using clean energy for our future generations.

Key features


– NDB is made of recycled nuclear waste so it reduces the nuclear waste stockpile.


– NDB does not run out of electricity in a single user’s lifetime due to nuclear waste’s long half-life (5,730 years). It will, in fact, take 5,730 years for NDB to just half in power.


– NDB as a clean energy source is climate independent and unlike solar panels, it can produce electricity in any weather conditions.


– NDB as a clean energy source breaks down into harmless non-radioactive by-products when fully used, it is completely green and effectively denuclearises the waste automatically.


– It is made of a diamond that is the hardest material on the planet so it is extremely tamperproof.


– NDB as a source of clean energy will be coated in a beta-ray absorbing non-radioactive diamond so it prevents radiation leak protecting the user from radiation.