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Theoretical Values Of Carbon-14 Diamond

Atomic Battery, an Emerging Technology With Great Potential

Nuclear Diamond Battery is an atomic battery that uses carbon-14 nuclear diamond. Therefore it is useful to know its true potential. Thus values that it could attain with development.


The table below lists some of the theoretical values of an ideal carbon-14 nuclear diamond that has 100% efficiency. Most notably carbon-14 nuclear diamond generates quite a substantial amount of charge (342,360 mAh).

To put this value into perspective. A typical smartphone battery (a traditional, non-atomic battery) has a charge capacity of 3,000 mAh. This can power a phone over an entire day. However, 1 kg of carbon-14 diamond can produce over 114 times that in 1hr.

Nuclear Diamond Battery has one significant advantage over other atomic battery.

It can have a near 100% efficiency because of the wide and indirect bandgap of the diamond. This gives the electric charge a longer lifetime for it to be collected.

Another atomic battery like silicon-based tritium battery has about 6% efficiency. This is because of the limited efficiency of silicon.

What is important at the initial stage of development is to identify the maximum theoretical capabilities. To find the diamond in the rough and polish it to perfection.

Features of 1 kg, Carbon-14 nuclear diamond

Specific activity

\01.645\times 10^{14}$ Bq/kg

Mean number of electrons (\0N_{e})

\03,610.29$ electrons per decay

Total number of electrons generated (\0N_{total})

\05.939\times 10^{17}$ electrons kg/s

Current generated (\0I_{C-14})

\00.0951$ A

Electric charge generated (\0q_{C-14})

\0342,360$ mAh

Density (\rho_{C-14})

\04,098.35$ kg/m^{3}

Volume (\0V_{C-14})

\0244$ /cm^{3}

Length of cube (\L_{C-14})

\06.249$ cm