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Universal applicability for countless opportunities


NDB can be used to further the electric vehicle revolution, pushing the industry into never seen before indicators of efficiency and longevity. NDB is ideally positioned to contribute and lead change in this industry by addressing the primary bottleneck in EV vehicles, the battery, one that can last as long as the vehicle’s does.



The human desire to explore space is fueled by the excitement of exploring the unknown. Recent advances in space technology and the rise of the first manned electric aircrafts have led to increasing demand on their battery systems, hindered by concerns regarding longevity and safety. Satellites and space vehicles rely heavily on solar power which can be disrupted by hash space environment. NDB can be utilized to power drones, electric aircrafts, space rovers and stations whilst allowing for longer activity.


Consumer electronics

With NDB, every device you own, be it a smartphone or a laptop, can contain a miniature power generator, thus negating the need for constant charging, all whilst delivering a cost-effective solution to countering declining sales for manufacturers. Benefits include power outlet independent devices, increased device computation power and even the opportunity for the rise of personal quantum computing.


Medical Technology

In situ medical devices and implantable such as hearing aids and pacemakers respectively can benefit from long battery life in a smaller package with added benefit of safety and longevity.



NDB’s safety, power output, and universality transforms this technology into an ideal industrial partner to bring power to many routine applications and those that are difficult to implement. Data centers, remote locations, and hostile environment applications of NDB make it an outstanding promise for productivity and futuristic applications.