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This battery could last for 28,000 years | via @Forbes #GreenEnergy #TechNews


NDB Inc. is the Grand Winner of the Orano international startup call within the use of any isotope track after passing different phases of the Challenge. NDB has initially chosen as one of the 13 finalists of the Orano international startup call competing with each other for 2020 grand prize. After hearing all the 13 finalists, Orano decided that the stage would be NDB’s for its innovative Nano Diamond Battery on the 12th of March during the Hello Tomorrow Summit in Paris! NDB will present its solution at the summit in front of the CEO of Orano, about 50 Orano collaborators, and the large crowd of investors and decision-makers across the industries and governments.



Following this announcement NDB Inc. and Orano’s collaboration has started and both companies are looking forward to meeting and discuss and structure the business collaboration with each other.


The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is a renowned global startup competition explicitly designed to address the needs of deep-tech entrepreneurs across several industries.


The Challenge gives scientists and deep tech entrepreneurs around the globe a platform for their research and projects, providing participants with equity-free funding, global visibility, and connections with key players in the deep tech innovation network and other fellow entrepreneurs. To date, previous early-stage participants have raised more than $300 million in funding.


NDB Inc. is a clean-tech nanotechnology startup creating an innovative self-charging green battery called Nano Diamond Battery made by the CDPME1 process. Throughout the process, the IL and HL wastes are recycled. NDB does not run out during the device’s lifetime and has applications in almost every industry that uses a battery.