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Product Competition

A novel battery made from recycled carbon-14 waste competing with 2170 and 18650 battery

NDB is a longer-lasting, lighter weight alternative to most current energy sources like traditional batteries such as 2170 and 18650 battery and gasoline.


The NDB is:


4,156 times more energy-dense than gasoline.


56,966 times more energy-dense than electrochemical batteries such as 2170 and 18650 battery.

Lithium-ion batteries

NDB is 56,966 times more energy dense than Li-ion batteries such as 2170 and 18650 battery. In addition, there is no disposal of toxic lithium waste.

Fossil-fuel-powered generators

NDB is 4,156 times more energy dense than gasoline. Not only that, it also does not produce any emission.

Radioisotope thermoelectric generators

NDB is up to 14.29 times more efficient than radioisotope thermoelectric generators. It is also able to generate electricity from most types of radiations.

Betavoltaic batteries

NDB is up to 16.6 times more efficient than a typical betavoltaic and it can use most types of ionizing energetic electrons, not just one.