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NDB and Cisco collaboration

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NDB Inc. & NDB Europe Executives and Trainees present in the meeting with CISCO at NDB's office

NDB and Cisco collaboration

NDB’s potential collaboration with Cisco on NDB powered networking equipment


NDB is pleased to announce the start of a collaboration with Cisco on innovation for future networking equipment. Peter Shearman, head of Co-Innovation, Europe, Corporate Strategy & Innovation Group at Cisco, has been behind this initiative through engaging NDB’s executive team and Cisco’s innovation center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil headed by Eugenio Pimenta. 


During the meeting, the potential use of NDB batteries and case applications such as power supply of network equipment in remote locations or self-powered IoT sensors and devices were discussed. 


One of the current challenges for Cisco is to supply IT services to remote locations thought out the vast landscape of Brazil, in places such as farms where access to the internet could mean improved productivity, access to healthcare and enhancement of education. However, currently due to lack of or poor condition of infrastructure, network expansion is either not feasible or not economically viable. NDB batteries could be the key to a cost-effective and clean power supply, due to its life-long low nature, low maintenance cost, and high efficiency.